Saturday, November 8, 2008


Good morning or evening ladies and gents, been gone for a while but i am back.Congratulations to our newly elected president. I'm hoping that with a new administration coming that there will be a change in the economy. With un-employment at the highest that its been in a while at 6.5% we definitely needed this change in presidents. Recently there has been a change in the Dow Jones average for the good. I think as time goes on and our newly elected president gets his administration picked it will restore more confidence on the market as a whole and people will again start investing instead of not trusting the financial markets and taking all of their money and running.

There are a number of websites out there that offer advice as to when to buy but when it comes to timing the the right time to sell your shares where do you go for that extra research tool. helps you with calculating when is the right time to sell. It calculates the sale of more than 4,000 stocks and exchange traded funds.

There was study done on the best of the online brokers in Kiplingers's magazine i stumbled across and Fidelity came out on top with Charles Schwab 2nd and Muriel Siebert 3rd. I will just sum up the first best over all online broker Fidelity. For research and tools which is the basis and can put you ahead of the competition they received 5 stars, along with the ease of use and the investment choices they offer. Customer service received 4 stars and the commission fees scored the lowest at 2 stars. Considering all the pluses fidelity offers the commissions and fees are worth paying of you can receive all of the services that they have to offer and be able to trade stocks or whatever your investment maybe. There are a few online brokers who have started up social networks on their sites for members to join. This tool gives users another edge. If you have ever taken an online class you and I know theres nothing like a discussion board for you to interact with others in order for you to better understand and get ahead in a lesson.

I was reading a forbes magazine the other day and I came across a stock that one might be interested in and its a tech stock. Although some say tech stocks and their boom is over now I don't think so. Due to more and more users grazing the Internet more and more sites with streaming audio, all these video rental companies about to start streaming movies online. More and more companies are gonna be heavily reliable on cisco routers which are used to redirect traffic to proper channels. For this reason I am forecasting Cisco to be a stock to buy now and stick to and wait for the value to go up. Cisco is currently at $17.58 its 52 week range is from $15
.90-$31.09. This will definitely be a good stock to keep your eyes on in the future and definitely would want to get this my number one pick for this month.

Quote of the month- "Diversification is a protection against ignorance. It makes little sense for those who know what they're doing."
- Warren Buffet
Book - The Richest man in Babylon- George S. Clayson

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Before investing carefully consider the fund or funds investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses. Te mistake that I have made in trying to pursue my dream of being financially literate is not reading the fine line paperwork of an investment. There are all types of fees that can be associated with investing and on top of that there are tax implications. All of these must be considered and added in to whatever the total cost of whatever you may be investing in.

If you have credit card now, the smartest thing to do with it is to pay it off if you owe anything on it. Companies are now lowering their credit card holders rates based o their credit rating when they check as the recession that we are now in deepens. Late fees are what credit card companies may a killing off of so keep this in mine to be on time with monthly payments once missed your APR rate can increase double and on top of that a late fee. They are now trying to pass legislation to make it more fairly and in the customers favor one concept that they are proposing is pro rating your late fees based on the amount of days that you are late.

Every month foreclosures rates in the U.S. have been increasing along with the un-employment rate. These tremendous amounts of foreclosures are leaving a lot of room and opportunity for investors to swarm in on cheap deals. Now is a very good time with the interest rates being low and a lot of foreclosed homes on the market. Now is the time is the key to seize the opportunity to rates will not remain the same and will be sure to rise again. If you should be the brave heart who wants to invest in foreclosures here are some tips. Buy now don’t try and judge when you think is the right time if you have the money and the means then do so it will be the best buy in 20 years when it comes to foreclosures. You should pick a good broker when going into a deal, Make sure you allow yourself to pitch as low as you can go when offering a price for houses and don’t be afraid to insult someone it is your money you’re investing. My advice when it comes to getting a foreclosure at an auction is do not do it. When at an auction they don’t allow you to see property until you buy it, making it a blind draw type of deal. You can also go to banks and look for foreclosure that have been on their roster for a while that will be the one they are trying to get rid of fast because the longer they keep the more money they end up losing. When it all boils down to making the most profit with the least processes is to buy directly from the foreclosed person. When it all boils down to making the most profit with the least processes is to buy directly from the foreclosed person.

My monthly pick of stocks that are more likely to fair good in the future is Apple. Apple is a good pick considering that their sales were up in December by 5% and revenues up 17% with more and more people their IPods in for newer versions this makes for a good timed investment. You buy now and wait until the put out newer versions then stock will go up, hold on to for a few weeks and then voila! Profit! The hype can only last for so long but while it is good it is smart to invest get a profit and get out. Cogent systems are a company that supplies automated systems that capture and analyze fingerprints and other physiological identifiers. Cogent Systems would be a potentially good stock to invest in simply because of a lot of identification systems are projected to more than double in the coming years.

If you own a 401(k) make sure you read the fine print. Many people are unaware of how much they are paying in fees and if you don’t know then you lose while others gain. Pay attention to the fine print in your statement agreement, and if you are unsure of something call the company that administers the 401(k) and request that they educate you. Whether it is in brochures, manuals, or even over the phone talking to you, you have a right to demand that they make clear what you are getting into. Remember no one is going to tell you especially if it benefits them more money in the long run it is your responsibility to educate yourself to the fullest on whatever financial commitment you pursue.

And remember your attitude towards life affect your future financial prospects!

Quote of the month- Borrowing is easier in the short term, but harder in the long term. Don’t buy luxuries until you have built assets to afford them.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Now that the U.S. Federal reserve is lowering interest rates this is a great sign for borrowers and it also helps the economy, but for investors this is hell time. There are some ways however to get a decent yield. One piece of advice is to shop around for CD rates that have high yields. Nowadays in this recession market, it’s even harder to find a decent yield that pays out pretty good. is a good place that offers good research tools for CD’s, money markets accounts, loans, online savings accounts and a host of other things. Tax exempt Muni bonds are a good retreating investment resource to hide under now. The important thing to remember when buying these bonds is to think of the future and get them for short term only because the economy could recover any minute.

A site I came across is called this is a micro lending sight for the socially conscious individual. This site sets up small loans from a minimum of $25 dollars all the way up to whatever you may desire or be comfortable with. The site caters to third world countries with entrepreneurs needing small loans to start businesses. If you are worrying about your money getting taken, then here is some reassuring evidence the site has a default rate of .14% the loans are usually repaid in 3 to 18 months. Another site I have mentioned before previously on this blog that is similar to this one is similar but a little more established and advanced.

Another resourceful site is called which stands for Financial Industry regulatory authority. The purpose of this website is to regulate security firms and stock brokers. This site proves to be very resourceful with a lot of factual evidence and tools for the financial mind.

As of press time there is a lot of turmoil in today’s market. The safe thing I think now for investors to do is to buy treasury bonds or put your money into short term bonds for a short period of time given that the market will not stay this way for ever. The market has always had its own way of bouncing back after a recession the important thing to remember I think would be to plan how you are going to weather the storm. Right now would be a very good time to purchase some stocks since right now they are on sale. You might as well say they are at discount rate now. When investing in a particular investment pick a strategy that best suits your situation, and don’t change up because of marketing conditions, If you have to then make minor adjustments if it calls for them. Continue to invest an allocated amount every month can be very beneficial as it would automatically come out of your account making it less easier effort on your behalf. If you don’t see those numbers in your account everyday then you won’t miss them.

Quote of the month: Be an observer not a reactor of your financial emotions.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Want to get a business up and running? This is the thing that so many people dream of having to be their own boss. The advantages of owning your own business will outweight working for others, but I think the secret is knowing that it will take time and alot of effort. Here are some potential sources; Personal assets money in the bank , money market accounts. One great source that alot of individuals have used and are still using is home equity. This route is usualy quick and not so expensive. You can also tap into family wealth or friends that are interested, get them to invest in your vision with a promising return. Maybe you can negotiate with them ownership of business, or a percentage of the profits. Credit cards can be very helpful, but you have to be careful with interest rates and be sure to keep up with thse payments. There is a website called this can be very helpful it bases loan rates on an individual borrowers profile. is another borrowers helpful resource as well. One good source for potential start up money is the small business administration. This government agency offers a lot of different loans for small business start ups(

As for the stock market now is a good time to buy because everything is uncertain. If you can lock in a good price for a stock and weather the storm with it then you can reap huge profits. Knowing which stock to pick can be complex, my advice stick to what you know and feel about an individual stock. Do study the stocks past present as well as the current economy conditions. Stay cool in a down market if you have alot of money invested then you should hire a financial planner to keep up and anylize current conditions.

For those with alot of old computer parts hanging around and not doing anything but collecting dust there is a way to recycle and get paid for it. is a site you can go to, to recycle cell phones, cpu's and monitors they also offer paid postage for qualified devices.

At press time the federal reserve cut rates by 2% this is the seventh time since september when they first started in fear of a recession.

Growth+Education+Networking+Oppurtunity= Celebration(Success/Revenue)

Quoate of the day- Pay yourself first ( Robert Kiyosaki)

Monday, March 24, 2008


The recession is here to stay for a long time my friend. Oil prices are at an all time high of $111 the last time I checked. In other news the dollar is at an all time low again against the euro of course. For every dollar you get .65 euros that’s great I bet the rate of tourism from Europeans is really up right now. That’s ok it was the same way the other way around before the euro came to be.

There are some important ways to invest now while there is a recession going on because there is so much that os affected by it. If you are a thinker then you will make through these hard times the positive mindset would be to analyze and not criticize when it comes to just about any situation. The wisest individual makes the best of any situation and they also see opportunity. Here is some good advice to think of when investing now with this recession going on. Keep in mind that investment returns will eventually calm down, the fastest gains will happen on an international scale so to speak, remember that taxes will always go up. Hang on to your job and keep it secure because even in these times it is surely not secure. Keep always in mind that you should always pay close attention to the value of an asset, never underrate it.

Those of you who are in dire need of a financial check up here are some things you should assess yourself upon; are you saving enough for retirement?, is your portfolio diversified properly, are your investments in the right accounts?, do you yourself have too much debt and if so what plan do you have to get rid of it and when will you start?, Do you have an estate plan in order in case you die how are you finances going to be handled etc…, Is there enough insurance to cover the cost of everything that you are paying on but don’t fully own? What are your financial plans for the future and do you have a plan of action that you will stick to no matter what.

To get anywhere as far as the financial advice that I have given one should have what is an important things and that os motivation. Here are some things that come with it that can help you in your day to day progress of becoming financially stronger. The first is that you have to be willing to fall, control your thoughts, Do not waiver in your own misery, Be responsible, Trust yourself, Find your truth( your Purpose), and last but not least stay focused

Quote: Don’t work hard for money all your life, make the money work for you.
Robert Kyosaki.

Books- Rich Dad Poor Dad, Author Robert Kyosaki

Sunday, March 2, 2008


Is there a recession ahead?People and the news analyze this question everyday In my opinion of course the unemployment rate is increasing everywhere, credit and lending restrictions are getting tighter, more houses than ever are on the market for sale, and home value is declining everywhere. Right now is not a very good time to bank on investing with all investment rates going down n support of the housing crisis. One good thing is that you can buy a house even though that will be harder than before at least your rate will be good at this moment.

In other news the FICO scores will be determined by a new formula. Under this new formula if you make a mistake like forgetting to pay a bill on time it won affect your score as bad as long as it is isolated. When you are applying for a loan and have to do a lot inquiries it wont affect you score as much as it did back in the days. Under the new system you will be in the positive if you show that you have different types of credit such as loans, mortgages, credit cards, department store accounts, and auto loans and you are paying them responsibility and your history shows it. Experian and trans union will implement the formula soon , and currently know one knows if Equifax will follow.

Some survival strategies in these tight times: Learn the facts about investments, Stock up on emergency funds, slim down debts, regain your balance, work harder and smarter, if you are unsure or not optimistic about investing then get bonds, municipal bonds preferably, and last but not least be a picky and informative buyer.

Quote of the month- As soon as you can milk it you better try and soak up everything good possible, ain't no guarantee they are gonna love you next year...

By: Christopher Wallace AKA( BIG)

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


This year rang in $100 a barrel oil and the stock market isn't doing any better. Today Tuesday Jan 8, 2008 was a bad one for wall street the stock tumbled as all of these investors are scrambling and running cashing in stock and resorting to more after, and less riskier means of investing. Home sales are sinking even further and there are a number of homes up for sale, and the numbers keep climbing. The outlook for 2008 as far as the market goes in my opinion is "recovery'' Credit card debts has leaped to a 6 month high.

OK every time it is a term that I have been hearing over and over in the world of business and I have never exactly figured out what it really was. The Dow Jones industrial average. I will educate everyone who reads this blog as well as my self The Dow Jones Industrial Average is the best known U.S. stocks that trade on the New York stock exchange. The Dow Jones is the most widely recognized and known market indicator in the world. Of the stocks that are weighted on the Dow are 30 blue chip stocks that are from various industries, and the Dow represents approximately 15% to 20% of all NYSE stocks. The Dow Jones average was invented by Charles Dow back in 1896.

NASDAQ is another term that I hear very often on the CNBC all the time. The NASDAQ is a composite index of all NASDAQ domestic and U.S. based common stocks listed on the NASDAQ. The NASDAQ dates back to 1971 who invented is another question hopefully I will find out in the future! This is another market indicator but the NASDAQ is mainly used for technology stocks making it not so reliable to be a good indicator for the market as a whole.

The S&P which stands for Standard and Poor is a market indicator that consists of 500 stocks chosen for market size, liquidity, and industry grouping and also a number of other factors. The companies that have been selected for the S&P are selected by the S&P index committee comprised of economists and analysts. For a host of information definitions, acronyms, abbreviation and other business information I would suggest one go to it has a wealth of information!

Books recommended- Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.
The Age of turbulence by Alan Greenspan (Former Federal Reserve Chairman)

Quote: The secret to business is to know something that nobody else knows- Aristotle Onassis