Saturday, November 8, 2008


Good morning or evening ladies and gents, been gone for a while but i am back.Congratulations to our newly elected president. I'm hoping that with a new administration coming that there will be a change in the economy. With un-employment at the highest that its been in a while at 6.5% we definitely needed this change in presidents. Recently there has been a change in the Dow Jones average for the good. I think as time goes on and our newly elected president gets his administration picked it will restore more confidence on the market as a whole and people will again start investing instead of not trusting the financial markets and taking all of their money and running.

There are a number of websites out there that offer advice as to when to buy but when it comes to timing the the right time to sell your shares where do you go for that extra research tool. helps you with calculating when is the right time to sell. It calculates the sale of more than 4,000 stocks and exchange traded funds.

There was study done on the best of the online brokers in Kiplingers's magazine i stumbled across and Fidelity came out on top with Charles Schwab 2nd and Muriel Siebert 3rd. I will just sum up the first best over all online broker Fidelity. For research and tools which is the basis and can put you ahead of the competition they received 5 stars, along with the ease of use and the investment choices they offer. Customer service received 4 stars and the commission fees scored the lowest at 2 stars. Considering all the pluses fidelity offers the commissions and fees are worth paying of you can receive all of the services that they have to offer and be able to trade stocks or whatever your investment maybe. There are a few online brokers who have started up social networks on their sites for members to join. This tool gives users another edge. If you have ever taken an online class you and I know theres nothing like a discussion board for you to interact with others in order for you to better understand and get ahead in a lesson.

I was reading a forbes magazine the other day and I came across a stock that one might be interested in and its a tech stock. Although some say tech stocks and their boom is over now I don't think so. Due to more and more users grazing the Internet more and more sites with streaming audio, all these video rental companies about to start streaming movies online. More and more companies are gonna be heavily reliable on cisco routers which are used to redirect traffic to proper channels. For this reason I am forecasting Cisco to be a stock to buy now and stick to and wait for the value to go up. Cisco is currently at $17.58 its 52 week range is from $15
.90-$31.09. This will definitely be a good stock to keep your eyes on in the future and definitely would want to get this my number one pick for this month.

Quote of the month- "Diversification is a protection against ignorance. It makes little sense for those who know what they're doing."
- Warren Buffet
Book - The Richest man in Babylon- George S. Clayson

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