Sunday, November 25, 2007


In today's news The thing that we know as black friday the day after thanksgiving when there are deals like everywhere that you look but you have to get up early like 5 in the morning is over. We now should be looking forward to cyber monday this is supposed to be when all good deals are done while shopping on the internet.

For all of the people who are aspiring financial advisers there is a site that I have been actually a member of for a while that is like the ebay of money lending check it out You can either get a loan or give a loan and don't worry too much about your credit score there are a number of individuals who will be bidding for your loan proposal or it can be the other way around where you can pick the loans that you want to fund and bid for them in an auction for more info check out the site it can be very helpful both ways to a lender and a potential loan customer.

For those of you that are interested in looking for Free money you can go to for a host of information regarding grants very helpful site! For all of you with kids check out you can register all of your debit and credit cards and in return every time you spend you will get a percentage back and it will be entered into an college fund account for your kid.

If you are a well off individual or just maybe even a person that is stable with kids, you should always think about your death plan. Do you have life insurance?, a will?, a trust? Does your life insurance if you have any cover the cost of an education for child or children and all debts that will incur thereafter? These are some very serious questions that you should ask yourself and make sure you get taken care of if not now soon.

From my own personal research and opinion the whole financial market is a bit shaky nowadays the sub prime loan mess has really stretched to all corners of the market. You have the lenders who have been highly scrutinized tightening up their lending standards and practices which in turn is making everyone else tighten up their lending standards especially credit card companies! The federal reserve wants to jump in and save everyone from panicking by reducing interest rates. I have some important news for every one it is too late! Americans have been spending way past their income for years now, due to the market being loose when it comes to credit cards, when it comes to personal loans , and also home loans The U.S. is only reaping what it has sewed. It has been a long time coming for this to actually happen and the way the market is today is the way the market should have been years ago before everyone got into this spending craze.

If you are a big spender or you want to get out of debt now is the time if not you will surely be forced to do so by the way the market is going...

Quotes- If you fail to plan then you plan to fail.- Old saying

When you've got them by their wallets then their hearts and minds will follow.-Fern Naito

Sunday, November 11, 2007


In the news the dollar has hit an all time low against the euro, not that it has ever gone past the euro since it has been introduced in 2002 . For the first time in almost 30 years the dollar reached parity with the Canadian dollar. I know your'e thinking what does this have to do with me well for businesses that do business outside of the U.S. are being indirectly affected. The dollar was usually always stable but now recently htta has not been the case.African American CEO of Merril Lynch stepped down from his position Stan Oneil, on Oct 30,2007 because he had lost a tremendous amount during his tenure at the company.

As the subprime crisis of all the bad loans that were made in the recent years continues there are a number of forclosures on the market. Analyst say that these numbers will only grow as there are a number of interest only or ARM mortgages that are due to reset to their default rates. As of right now there are over 2 million homes that are on sale in the housing market. There are actually more homes for sale than needed. In other words demand is less than supply. So you know what that means. That means that homes prices are going to begin to fall in which they already are. Georgia has the highest rate of foreclosures in the U.S. why I really don't know but I will soon do some research to find out!

In the stock market as of Friday Nov 9,2007 it seems as if every one os in somekind of frantic selling off their stocks. Almost all of the bluechip stocks tumbled. Google for example started off on 2006 at about $200 Now it is at a whopping $663. On fri Google stock went down $29 thats ok I would put my money on them anyday they have proven time and time again that they are maximizing shareholder wealth. This is a good stock with potential as they are about to enter the mobil phone market sometime next year.

And China has banned all exports of the date rape drug tainted toys. Damn! It seems that every other weak there is something that they are recalling. As a kid growing up everything that I had that said Made In China on it seemed to be very cheap and of less quality. Now the low quality of all products made in China are finally coming to light! buy stuff that is made in America, China is sending crap quality products here in large quantities in a rush to get that money!

A word to the wise one good investment would be to go to the page and look up the IPO's For those that don't know what an IPO is It stands fro Initial Public Offering. It is when companies start going public and start selling shares of their company. Well Visa just hit the market check it out! new IPO's always start low and eventually of they are a good company then they will surely grow like Gogle for instance. Visa to me is a strong name to stand behind Check it out!!!!