Thursday, December 27, 2007


As the year of 2007 comes to an end there are a number of significant highlights to this years business moments. Number one business moment belongs the subprime lending mess that had a domino affect on the credit markets as well as the stock markets and every other market that is connected to these. Last year a barrel of oil was priced at about $60 this year oil got as high as $90 damn talk about a price increase. I remember when I was little and barrels of oil were going for $30 a barrel! The new I -hone came out on June29, and before you know it someone cracked it making it able to be able to used by any mobile carrier a 17 yr old kid did this!

As this year ends we start to plan for the new year and start implementing remedies that held us back from achieving our goals the previous year. Well this forthcoming year I would advise one to seek out strategies to get a steady investment return in these unsteady times. a lot of Financial advisers are leaning towards municipal bonds or munis. Municipal bonds are bonds that are issued by the state and federal governments.The one major advantage that a municipal bond offers is the interest on most municipal bonds is exempt from federal taxes and also state taxes if the holder is a resident of the issuing state. As with all bond they do come with a default risk, but hey the government is pretty stable when it comes to money. You should be aware that all bonds come with a default risk that mans that the promised interest that they will pay is not guaranteed. There is grading system for bonds from AAA being the highest and most trusted to DDD being a really raw risk. There are some agencies that rate bonds to give you a more clearer picture, Standard and Poor, Fitch, and Moody's are all options that you can check through to see your bonds particular rating. The lower the grade on a bond the more they are inclined to pay out on interest you have to just gamble with the risk if you want to take the chance.

A sure investment now but a trick one is the banks stocks or even better just plain old cheap stocks. Right now is an ideal time to buy bank stocks or any thing associated with the subprime losses of thus wonderful year of 2007. I say this because at any given moment the table could turn on these stock no one knows what the future holds for stocks of a particular company but with time a company can only get better or sold or at the worst go bankrupt! Some banks you can bank on are; Bank of America, Countrywide, First Horizon, Suntrust, Wells Fargo, T. Rowe Price, Davis Financial, Fifth third Bancorp.

Here are some stocks that you can invest in that are cheap due to their company being in a bad position;Winn-Dixie Stores,Northwest- Airlines,Sky-West,Spherion, Valero energy and Mowhawk Industries. The smart thing would be to do research on these companies to see what there future prospects are and could be then go make your pitch on their stock it would be like giving that ex- convict a second chance at a better life instead of judging him and ruling him out from his previous convictions.

Quote for the year 2008- Do it ,Jeffrey Love

Saturday, December 8, 2007


In today's news Capital One stock is down to $49.80 down from $2.63 for the previous day. In today's posting I want to give some advice to the people who run websites and are looking to cash in on extra income besides the money your company already brings in. These are a few sites that you can go to get web advertising that will create and additional source of income. which I am currently advertising with,,,, and

Alot of people quit their jobs every year and in doing so lose focus and forget the main purpose of quitting. Remember all those times you aid you would do this and that but you did not have enough free time to do it. Well when you are in between jobs and have idle time people can often lose their focus. Word to the wise some solid advice; Hit the phones, and the e-mail list build relationships before you need them as these can be of vital importance later on down the road, during down time if you have things that are in dire need of being accomplished write a list and check it off when you accomplish a task in other words JUST DO IT! No procrastination. If you have a serious problem with motivation you can always hire a career coach. But remember time spent on coaching assignment could be better spent on networking and researching companies that you want to possibly work for. A very helpful website is called it sells insider guides on individual companies.

For the person that wants to be a avid stock picker there is a wonderful website that I am a member of Members can go and set up an account for free and you can create an online portfolio of the stocks that you currently hold after that you can view and compare information from thousands of other members portfolios, this which in turn will give you a more informed idea about you stock and also which stock to choose from.Might I add that you will have the chance to view professionals portfolios. Also I might add is that Visa is has filed for an IPO and will begin trading publicly sometime in 2008 this stock will have good aspects as its rival MasterCard went public in may at $39 a share and since then has quadrupled and is now currently at $209.60!!!!!!

There comes great news that every college graduate loves to hear at least me and I hate to say it but president Bush ain't all that bad in a way. In September Bush signed into law collegecost reduction and access act. This act cuts loan rates for current and future students, forgives debt for some graduates and clears up the rules for those 529 savers.

Rates on subsidized loans will be cut from the current 6.8% to 3.4% over a 5 year period. With the 529 plans withdrawals from accounts held by grandparents will no longer be taken into account for federal aid decisions.
As of July 2009 a new income based repayment program will be implemented it will cap the amount a student has to repay a year out of their income at 15% if their income. and after 25 years any remaining debt will be discharged. Also if a grad works in a public service profession such as teaching or social work and makes 120 monthly payments the balance of their loan will be forgiven! Sweet!

Quote of the day-Think Global act Local!