Monday, May 16, 2016


Everything is negotiable when it comes to bills. Negotiate your life and all aspects when it comes to paying a bill. I’m going to go over a few examples of how I have applied negotiating bills that I pay for every month and how I went about negotiating them.

Every year about this time, I go over all of my bills and I assess what it is that I need and what I don’t need. The things that I need I keep, such as home insurance as well as car insurance the things that I want services such as Satellite radio, Extra data on phone, or cable TV come next. I like to make a list and speak with each company that is responsible for taking my money every month.  Once again I do this every year and it has always been a good practice that I would recommend anyone do and create a habit of.

Case and point I called my I was able to call my satellite radio subscriber Sirius and got a $80 discount. I simply called them up and stated that I could not afford the price that they had automatically charged my credit card for. They apologized then transferred me to another branch that was in charge of negotiating with customers and from there they charged me $24 for a 6 month subscription. 

The next thing I had on my list was my car insurance.  I have Geico, I went online and got a quote from USAA . As I compared them both side to side I saw there were differences in the types of coverage things such as bodily injury payouts as well as the deductible. I decreased the amounts of these and amazingly that decreased the amount that they would cost overall. I also noted that I did not need roadside assistance for one of my vehicle as it was already covered so I took that away and saved even more, You should always review policies with insurance and know what you have covered as well as what you do not. You will not always need everything that you have so it is important that you make sure you are not double covered for something that you already have insurance from.

Remember that everything is negotiable, and you should always consider negotiating mostly everything. Never be shy or not question the money you spend for a service, it is money you worked hard to get don’t be so quick to give it away. Just like you earned it, make them work hard to earn it as well.

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