Monday, March 24, 2008


The recession is here to stay for a long time my friend. Oil prices are at an all time high of $111 the last time I checked. In other news the dollar is at an all time low again against the euro of course. For every dollar you get .65 euros that’s great I bet the rate of tourism from Europeans is really up right now. That’s ok it was the same way the other way around before the euro came to be.

There are some important ways to invest now while there is a recession going on because there is so much that os affected by it. If you are a thinker then you will make through these hard times the positive mindset would be to analyze and not criticize when it comes to just about any situation. The wisest individual makes the best of any situation and they also see opportunity. Here is some good advice to think of when investing now with this recession going on. Keep in mind that investment returns will eventually calm down, the fastest gains will happen on an international scale so to speak, remember that taxes will always go up. Hang on to your job and keep it secure because even in these times it is surely not secure. Keep always in mind that you should always pay close attention to the value of an asset, never underrate it.

Those of you who are in dire need of a financial check up here are some things you should assess yourself upon; are you saving enough for retirement?, is your portfolio diversified properly, are your investments in the right accounts?, do you yourself have too much debt and if so what plan do you have to get rid of it and when will you start?, Do you have an estate plan in order in case you die how are you finances going to be handled etc…, Is there enough insurance to cover the cost of everything that you are paying on but don’t fully own? What are your financial plans for the future and do you have a plan of action that you will stick to no matter what.

To get anywhere as far as the financial advice that I have given one should have what is an important things and that os motivation. Here are some things that come with it that can help you in your day to day progress of becoming financially stronger. The first is that you have to be willing to fall, control your thoughts, Do not waiver in your own misery, Be responsible, Trust yourself, Find your truth( your Purpose), and last but not least stay focused

Quote: Don’t work hard for money all your life, make the money work for you.
Robert Kyosaki.

Books- Rich Dad Poor Dad, Author Robert Kyosaki

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