Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Want to get a business up and running? This is the thing that so many people dream of having to be their own boss. The advantages of owning your own business will outweight working for others, but I think the secret is knowing that it will take time and alot of effort. Here are some potential sources; Personal assets money in the bank , money market accounts. One great source that alot of individuals have used and are still using is home equity. This route is usualy quick and not so expensive. You can also tap into family wealth or friends that are interested, get them to invest in your vision with a promising return. Maybe you can negotiate with them ownership of business, or a percentage of the profits. Credit cards can be very helpful, but you have to be careful with interest rates and be sure to keep up with thse payments. There is a website called this can be very helpful it bases loan rates on an individual borrowers profile. is another borrowers helpful resource as well. One good source for potential start up money is the small business administration. This government agency offers a lot of different loans for small business start ups(

As for the stock market now is a good time to buy because everything is uncertain. If you can lock in a good price for a stock and weather the storm with it then you can reap huge profits. Knowing which stock to pick can be complex, my advice stick to what you know and feel about an individual stock. Do study the stocks past present as well as the current economy conditions. Stay cool in a down market if you have alot of money invested then you should hire a financial planner to keep up and anylize current conditions.

For those with alot of old computer parts hanging around and not doing anything but collecting dust there is a way to recycle and get paid for it. is a site you can go to, to recycle cell phones, cpu's and monitors they also offer paid postage for qualified devices.

At press time the federal reserve cut rates by 2% this is the seventh time since september when they first started in fear of a recession.

Growth+Education+Networking+Oppurtunity= Celebration(Success/Revenue)

Quoate of the day- Pay yourself first ( Robert Kiyosaki)

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