Friday, April 21, 2017

DIY home improvement projects that will help you save money.

DIY home improvement projects that will help you save money.

Home improvement projects can be quite an expensive venture, don’t you think? With modern bathroom tops going for over $10,000 and window replacement costs at crazy prices like $8000, it is not difficult to see why not. When overhauling your home, it is very easy to find yourself overspending, or unnecessarily spending. Many tend to shy away from upgrading the look of their homes due to such fears. The truth, however, is that you do not have to use so much money in order to come up with the best projects to improve your home’s value and functionality. Contrary to what many people think, home improvement projects do not have to be overly expensive. There are so many excellent projects that you could easily take part in, that will instantly bring an appeal to your home and make it more pleasant, yet at relatively affordable prices.

Therefore, if you are looking for ways of improving and enhancing the appearance of your home without necessarily wiping clean your bank account, take a look at some of the projects below:

1.    Re-decorating the walls.

Just like with lighting, a room can give an illusion of size and warmth just by the wall decorations. Maximize the use of your walls right from the floor to the ceiling as this will give the eye reason to move up and down. This will in turn give an illusion that the space is larger than it actually s.
Simply DIY projects could be adding décor to the walls like a splash of fun colors or using wall paper on plain walls, adding open shelves or decorative objects on the walls. This will be sure to add drama and pop to the room with minimal effort and expense. If you are into art work, there are endless paintings, wall hangings, vintage frames and pictures that could dramatically enhance the appearance of the house instantly.  The ideas are endless. It’s all about finding what suits your taste best and going for it.

2.    Update the house’s lighting.

It is true what they say, good modern lighting can instantly make a room appear warmer and even larger in some cases. You don’t need to over stretch your finances to achieve this. You could simply spray paint the current fixtures or interchange them within different rooms in the house. Alternatively, switch out all the old lighting fixtures that have been in your house for eternity and replace them with newer models. Look up home décor websites for ideas on latest trends, fixtures and chandeliers and pick those that are in line with your budget. You will be surprised how different your home will turn out just by updating the lighting.

3.    Rearrange the bookshelves.

Reorganizing your bookshelf can easily make an entire room look completely differently, more polished and stylish. Best part about it is that you do not have to spend any money doing so, or get rid of anything that you do not want to. Switch up the arrangements and try more fancy looks like putting the tallest book in the middle and the rest in descending or ascending order of high, or create multiple peaks of the books, or stack the books like a pyramid, or arrange some horizontally while others vertically. The effect is sure to be surprising and will be sure to revive a dull room.

4.    Revamping the appearance of your front entrance.

You walk by this entrance multiple times a day without giving a thought to its appearance, isn’t it? It’s funny how the smallest and most important things are the ones that are often most ignored. One of the best, yet simplest ways to improve your homes look is to make your front entrance look more attractive and livelier.
Perhaps change the color of your front door, or update the existing one with new handles, locks or contemporary fittings. Spruce up the front porch, add a few potted plants, an exterior light and change the rug. This will undoubtedly add charm and make you feel like you are walking into an entirely different home.

5.    Add a touch of flowers and decorative trays.

A vase of fresh flowers will undoubtedly bring life into any space. And topped up with an equally decorative vase, the effect will be colorful, vibrant and refreshing. You could strategically place these vases on edges of rooms, in the middle of surfaces or at specific corners and see how transformed your room with be with just this.

Did you know that trays are one of the most useful accessories a house could posses? Not only  are they functional, but also decorative. By placing them at different angles on different surfaces of a room, you will be sure to bring in some appeal to it.

6.    Rearranging furniture.

As simple as this sounds, rearranging furniture in a room will completely change the feel and look of your home in no time. Moreover, this comes at no cost at all. Try moving your couch a few steps back to add more space, and moving the side table to a different area of the room. Switch up the rags on the floor or add entirely new ones. It is going to feel like a new house all over again.

7.    Painting your floors.

Are your floors begging for an upgrade, but your budget does not allow you to get a brand new makeover? Well, worry not! Painting over them might just be the best solution. There are several tutorials online on how to do the best floor painting that will incredibly improve the look of your home and at an affordable price.

8.    Reupholster old furniture

If this is your first time reupholstering furniture, it may sound like a daunting process. However, it is a pretty easy DIY project that is not only fun but also allows you to choose your own fabric preferences to match the interior décor of the home.  By this, you can upgrade and modernize your furniture and achieve an entirely new look at a very affordable price.

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