Saturday, April 14, 2012


There are a number of different styles to invest from an investor. Warren buffet’s style for instance was that he would study a stock and all underlying things. Management and how a company runs is his favorite thing to look at. Warren would study and buy then sit on the stock for years. In other words his style was to get companies that have a strong management in turn this solidifies that it will be a good company for years to come.

One favorite solid investment style is to go for all the companies that and blue chip meaning they have a good past and solid reputation that has been proven for years. With this investment style the investor picks the usual one of the stocks out of the index500 that is available

My personal style of investing is that I sit back study the charts the dividends and the way that the stock has done in the past few years. I study the trends and compare them to the current market conditions of today. This strategy alone has netted me a lot of cash. I have also lost some in the process, but have gained more than I have lost. I have two solid stocks that have proven throughout the years that they are consistent winners.

Investing can be an emotional roller coaster so I advise the individuals that are getting in the game to not get to involve with their emotions when the market goes up and down. Before you decide to invest in one company do your homework. When I first approached trading. My attitude was to just get in and see what I can do without doing any research, in other words learn as you go. Needless to say this approach got me 3 solid stocks DEO, ABB, and SIRI. All of which I have till this day. My choices were made by simply looking at the charts that they have on CNN money for every stock. I created an account on there and added different stick symbols and from there watched them almost every day. I started watching the news a bit more as well as reading articles about investing and reading books as well. Keeping track of the trends on whatever particular stock it is that you are trading or plan to trade can be very valuable resource tool when deciding to trade a specific stock. When you watch news, read books, or even have discussions about stocks or investing these all help connect dots. As time goes if you continue doing this you start to connect the dots better. Anything you o enough of eventually you will develop and get smarter at doing.

I started this blog a few years back and placed one ad on here and I have a good little revenue that I have gotten from it. I think back to if I had continued writing to this blog and doing the things like I was doing to generate interest. I would be better off as a writer, conversater and a blogger revenue maker today.

Going forward this is a word to the wise. If you start something good follow through be persistent and consistent it will definitely pay off in the long run. Keep on Keeping on…

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