Monday, October 15, 2007

Knowing when the turkey is done!

Did I say when the turkey is done? Ok I was refering to a job in place of the turkey. Everyday each one of us gets up and goes to our job and in a rat race get off pick up the kids, go to the gym, go to school, or go to your second job. Whatever the case have you ever accessed your feelings? Have you ever got up and said to yourself God damn I really don't feel like working today? Well that is the beggining of one of the signs that your job isn't what you really want or you are not what your job needs. There are many signs that will reveal that you need to quit, I'll share with you mine. When you are unchallenged and you can look up your job ladder and it you don't see not that much room to elevate in your career. When you feel unchallenged, in my opinion it is time for you to re- channel all the energy that you are putting into something that you really don't want into something that you really like and want to do. I know you are thinking well I need this money, well at the same time you need a job that inspires you. In life we have to sacrifice in order to have certain things. Well I have seen and witnessed it time and time again and I'm sure you have too, people making sacrfices in order to have a big return in the future. Now is the time to take all energy and put it towards ations that will give you positive returns. One good insight is to be able to assess your situation and know when things aren't working out and be able to quit the situation and join a positive one. Channel your energy towards things that are more aligned with what you want out of life. When your situation is not improving that is another sign that it may be time to go..When you are feeling uninspired and drained but not getting any recognition time to move on were you can get some shine!

"Sometimes you have to get knocked down to get up!" Mystikal

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